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8-18-2015 - 7-26-2016 - Archive Collection

Page history last edited by Jerry Swiatek 6 years, 10 months ago

7/26/2016 - 7PM - The form of observations has changed for many edus, some haven't. What are the positives/negatives of your observation experience?

7/26/2016 - 1700CET - With an average stay of 3-5 years for principals, what are the effects on schools when principals move on.

7/19/2016 - 7PM - What are the conversations of race that schools should be having in regard to the education system?

7/19/2016 - 1700CET - What are the conversations of race that schools should be having in regard to the education system?

7/12/2016 - 1700 - Would it be beneficial to trade a small amnt of tchng time for kids to accumulate some collaborative planning time for tchrs?

7/5/2016 - 7PM Are punitive grades or zeroes necessary to create compliant students? What are the potential positives and negatives?

7/5/2016 - 1700CET -  Should teachers be required to change their subjects or grade levels periodically? Why or why not?

6/28/2016 - 7PM - What are the topics that should be discussed at faculty meetings that could change the culture?

6/28/2016 - 1700CET Should content remain king in teaching kids, or should there be a shift to teach how to learn not what to learn?

6/21/2016 - 7PM - As an advocate for doing away w/grading as we know it, what specifics do you give to colleagues to join in the uphill battle?

6/21/2016 - 1700CET - How can schools foster better communication with all stakeholders?

6/14/2016 - 7PM - How does an educator's blog help the educator, or his or her students? How does an admin's blog help the admin or teachers?

6/14/2016 - 1700CET - What fosters greater change for edu a conservative admin w/a progressive staff, or a progressive admin w/a conservative staff?

6/7/2016 - 7PM - Would the system benefit by having teachers evaluated by a panel of peers vs the building principal?

6/7/2016 - 1700CET - If time for collaboration is so important for tchrs & innovation, how do we schedule a common prep time to accomplish that?

5/31/2016 - 7PM - Instead of just piling up added responsibilities on Principals could we redefine what a principal is limited to in a school?

5/31/2016 - 1700CET - How do a majority of your colleagues stay relevant in their profession as educators? Who is responsible for making that happen?

5/24/2016 - 7PM - What determines quality in curriculum?What's your position on curriculum from a box as opposed to tchr generated curriculum?

5/24/2016 - 1700CET - Addressing the building and not just the classroom what would a school, designed by you for our time, include?

5/17/2016 - 7PM - If most educators are in favor of making substantive change in the edu system,why are so many resistant to actually changing?
5/17/2016 - 1700CET
We often hear about the effects of tech on learning. What are specific positive effects of tech on your Ss that you see?

5/10/2016 - 7PM What is it that our education system is preparing students for and is it the same goal for all?

5/10/2016 - 1700CET -  Has the storm of outrage against personal mobile devices in the classroom passed? How do you personally handle it?

5/3/2016 - 7PM - How do educators distinguish between trends and real substantive change in education?

5/3/2016 - 1700CET - Does it matter that some thought leaders in deuce may be using social media more for self-promotion than thought leadership?

4/26/2016 - 7PM - Do weak disciplinarians make poor teachers or do kids act out more as a result of poor teaching?

4/26/2016 - 1700CET - What do rows of desks represent in the classroom and is there still a need to maintain rows?

4/18/2016 - 7PM - Do teachers give up their constitutional right to free speech when they become educators?

4/18/2016 - 1700CET  What are the advantages and disadvantages of an administrator's blog about the school or district?

4/12/2016 - 7PM - Where do the new ideas come from in the school in which you work? How can that innovation be supported?

4/12/2016 - 1700CET - If school culture is so important when and where are discussions about each school's culture taking place?

4/5/2016 - 7PM - As an advocate for doing away with grading, what specifics do you give to colleagues to join in the uphill battle?

4/5/2016 - 1700CET As a Personal Learning Network Advocate what do you tell your colleagues abt the specifics of how personalized learning works?

3/30/2016 - 7PM As advocate for student voice what do you tell colleagues to get them to allow more student voice in their classrooms?

3/30/3016 - 1700CET As an Edcamp advocate what do you tell colleagues about its specific differences over what has always passed for PD?

3/22/2016 - 7PM - What percentage of your professional development over your career was useful? What factors made that so?

3/15/2016 - 7PM - What are positive, effective methods one can employ to affect change in the school's culture?

3/8/2016 - 7PM - If blended learning combines lecture, direct Instruction, digi-collaboration & open sources, are we ready to teach that way?

3/8/2016 - 1700CET - Please share from your social media exposure who your greatest education influencers are and why that's so.

3/1/2016 - 7PM - What are the key questions we should be asking teacher/administrator candidates in interviews for positions in education?

3/1/2016 - 1700CET - Where do you stand on Textbooks vs Open Sources on the Internet? Should it be an all or nothing choice?

2/23/2016 - 7PM -  In what ways can schools embrace greater teacher leadership to strengthen what we can do to teach well?

2/23/2016 - 1700CET - Is the Flipped classroom anything more than just switching places for hmwk, video lecture, and classwork, practice?

2/16/2016 - 7PM - What would be the advantage of replacing grades with digital portfolio assessment?

2/16/2016 - 1700CET - What specifically have you learned about education beyond college preparation?

2/9/2016 - 7PM - Are there any advantages to a full year school calendar? Disadvantages?

2/9/2016 - 1700CET Compliance and Control were a large part of 20th Century education. What do they look like in a 21st Century classroom?

2/2/2016 - 7PM - What does an accomplished administrator in the 21st Century look like?

2/2/2016 - 1700CET - What would result from the American Education system eliminating the summer break to achieve a year round program?

1/26/2015 - 7PM - As education changes & evolves, how do we bring along parents as partners in their children’s education?

1/26/2015 - 1700CET - Why is education so slow to change and how do we fix that and speed it up? Discuss!

1/19/2016 - 7PM - If PBL is so successful, what is preventing all schools from adopting it as a basis for teaching and learning?

1/19/2016 - 1700CET Authentic Learning: Is it a real thing or just a trending phase in education?

1/12/2016 - 7PM - What would education look like if we based it on individualized personal learning rather than age-based categorization?

1/12/2016 - 1700CET - What does "student voice" look like in the classroom?

1/5/2016 - 7PM - How do we get teachers to stop using textbooks as a guide for curriculum?

1/5/2016 - 1700CET - What effect have blogs and/or blogging had on your perspective on education?

12/22/2015 - 7PM - How do we approach Teachers whose limited comfort zones for learning have become impediments to their students' learning?

12/22/2015 - 1700CET - If being relevant as an educator is an important element of teaching & learning, how do educators maintain relevance?

12/15/2015 - 7PM - If we recognize that a majority of educators do not see worth in their district's professional development, what are the major flaws in the system?

12/15/2015 - 1700CET - In what specific ways have iPads, Chromebooks, and Laptops changed the way we approach teaching compared to the last Century?

12/8/2015 - 7PM - How do teachers innovate for 21st Century Teaching if the Admins are steeped in 20th Century methodology & Pedagogy?

12/8/2015 - 1700CET - If collaboration is the new key for adult learning, how do we get our colleagues to understand, appreciate and use it for Professional Development?

12/1/2015 - 7PM - What are the physical changes we need to make in our aging school buildings to make them more relevant for 21st Century Learners?

12/1/2015 - 1700CET - How do we justify using 1:1 laptops over 1:1 textbooks? Is it better or worse?

11/24/2015 - 7PM - What are specific ways in which educators can support the idea that students should have a voice in their education?

11/24/2015 - 1700CET - Assuming all schools have teacher-leaders, how do principals capitalize on this resource?

11/17/2015 - 7PM - Based on what and how we teach, how are we specifically teaching kids what they will need to know to thrive in their world?

11/17/2015 - 1700CET - What has been the overall effect of Twitter on education either as a profession or in the classroom?

11/10/2015 - 7PM - Teachers are the single most important element in a kids education. What are the other factors that when combined can overshadow that influence?

11/10/2015 - 1700CET -Education should reflect the culture of the country, but do politics and religion have too much influence in American education?

11/3/2015 - 7PM - Many schools have teacher or tech coaches. Do these coaches make a difference in the school and if so, what does that look like?

11/3/2015 - 1700CET - What are your expectations for professional development offered by your school and are they being met?

10/27/2015 - 7PM - How can innovation be possible in an environment based on standardization and compliance for student testing success?

10/27/2015 - 1700CET - How can we collectively increase the creation, use, & sharing of openly licensed educational resources in our nation’s classrooms?

10/20/2015 - 7PM - Once "Content is King" in education prevailed. Does that idea still apply in our 21st Century model of education?

10/20/2015 - 1700CET - Do students truly have a say in their education, or will we as adults continue to dictate the course and direction of their education?

10/13/2015 - 7PM What are the specific things that individuals can do to improve their school's culture to be more open and supportive?

10/13/2015 - 1700CET - How is giving a few projects a year different from Project based learning?

10/6/2015 - 7PM - With authentic learning, blended learning and portfolio assessment should we reconsider the role seat time plays in education?

10/6/2015 - 1700CET - What is the Edcamp model of PD and why are educators in growing number embracing it?

9/29/2015 - 7PM - What specific ways can we model the benefits of digital literacy in education to teachers and students?

9/29/2015 - 1600CET - How has social media and being connected affected your professional development?

9/22/2015 - 7PM - For what reasons should we begin to transition online learning into our education system?

9/22/2015 - 1600CET - How does the lack of equity of digital devices among schools affect learning?

9/15/2015 - 7PM - How do we talk about technology integration in education to get beyond digital worksheets?

9/15/2015 - 1600CET - Is poverty a result of poor education or is poor education a result of poverty?

9/8/2015 - 7PM - Can we provide a 21st Century education to our kids using 20th Century methodology and pedagogy?

9/8/2015 - 1600CET - What are the major differences from what you learned as a preservice teacher to what you know as a practicing teacher?

9/1/2015 - 7PM - With all of the talk about how we need innovation in education, does the system promote & support innovation in education?

9/1/2015 - 1600CET - Should digital literacy be a job requirement for a teaching position?

8/25/2015 - 7PM - How do we engage parents beyond the typical back to school night?

8/25/2015 - 1600 CET - Opting out of high stakes tests is happening widely in NY as well as a few other places. Is it a viable strategy for change?

8/18/2015 - 7PM - What are the best methods for general academic teachers to individualize and personalize learning for their students?

8/18/2015 - 1600 CET - What makes an educator a thought leader in education?


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