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Edchat Transcripts

10/22/2019Given the opportunity to rebuild your classroom and school, what would they look like?

10/15/2019 -  How has Google and YouTube changed the way we teach and learn? 

10/8/2019 - Do you feel that Professional Development addresses you as an experienced, adult learner?

10/1/2019 - Is a model of education where students have choice in their learning and teachers are more like mentors a realistic expectation?

9/24/2019 - How has blogging or podcasting had any influence on education, educators, or students?

9/17/2019 - What kind of systemic change needs to happen to support learners of the 21st century and how can we make that change happen?

9/10/2019 - With technology today offering content and context access anytime and anywhere should in-class seat time be a requirement for PD?

9/3/2019 - For decades teachers were told that research supports that class size does not matter. Although disproven, many still believe it. Thoughts?

8/27/2019 - If student teacher relationships are the basis for good education, is it ever appropriate for social media contact?

8/20/2019What are some successful first day of school suggestions or activities that you would give a new teacher?

8/13/2019Parents are often seen as adversarial in terms of education. How do we get parents to partner with teachers in the education of their kids?

8/6/2019When we refer to school culture, what elements of school and education are specifically being discussed?

7/30/2019What are the changes we need to make so as not to lose so many new teachers in their first 5 years? 

7/23/2019In addition to rows and homework what are other mainstays in education that are slow to change?

7/16/2019What mandates in education do you feel are the most misguided?

7/9/2019How much could districts benefit by assessing their entire staff for current tech literacy and knowledge of education methodology?

7/2/2019How much autonomy should a teacher have when it comes to curriculum and methodology?

6/25/2019 - What are three practices or traditions in the culture of your school that could hinder/help the success of a new teacher?

6/18/2019How best can a teacher sell a new idea to an administrator who may be slow to change?

6/11/2019 - What has been your best source for professional development?

6/4/2019Why are so many educators resistant to professional development?

5/28/2019Is there a problem in education with a majority of teachers being women and a majority of administrators being men?

5/21/2019How has the use of social media as a tool for professional learning changed in the last 10 years? It is still an effective medium?

5/14/2019 - How can schools foster better communication with all stakeholders?

5/7/2019 - How can we continue to promote deeper learning for students beyond summative testing at the end of the year?

4/30/2019How political is public education and what effect does that have on our society?

4/23/2019 - From an educator’s point of view what does successful learning look like and how do we assess it?

4/16/2019 What’s the balance needed for a 21st Century educator when it comes to a knowledge of content vs. a knowledge of the practice of education?

4/9/2019With so many educators acknowledging that the current system of education needs to change why do so few things in the system ever change?

4/2/2019 - Is the conventional method of grading supporting learning? If it is not supporting learning, should it be replaced?

2/19/2019If a quiz is formative assessment to gauge a student’s understanding of a lesson, then should the score on the quiz count in the student’s overall average? Is an average of quiz scores a valid assessment?

2/12/2019Should there be restrictions on the amount of homework that may be assigned?

2/5/2019How do we support a movement for supportive, effective, and collaborative professional development for all educators?

1/29/2019What is the major difference between teaching in the 20th Century and teaching today?

1/22/2019How does professional development you are most often exposed to fall short in meeting your needs?

1/15/2019If tomorrow your superintendent issued a statement that there will be no more report cards, what could replace them?

1/8/2019What else do we need in addition to trust and relationships to successfully teach and lead?

12/18/2018 How do we identify kids who “fall through the cracks”? Do the quiet, cooperative and compliant kids get the attention they need?

12/11/2018In what ways are educators who are parents affected by their own kids in regard to their education philosophy?

12/4/2018Has the tribalism and political separation found throughout the country in general seeped into the classroom?

11/27/2018What is the role of school leadership in professional development?

11/20/2018How has the backlash to high stakes standardized testing settled down amongst educators and parents?

11/13/2018Should teacher certification in each state be more aligned nationally requiring a masters degree in education?

11/6/2018What are the key factors that interview committees should look at for in teacher applicants?

10/30/2018Do teachers view observations more as threatening and intimidating, or constructive and helpful?

10/23/2018Should educators be encouraged to use tools of technology to contact and communicate with parents?

10/16/2018What would be the effect of grouping kids by interest or mastery as opposed to age in education?

10/2/2018Considering the fact that women educators make up the majority of the profession, are women proportionally represented in its leadership? Does that matter?

9/25/2018 - Is content still king, or is it more important how kids interact with any content? 

9/18/2018The "How to Learn" is a timeless teaching objective. An important and challenging question is: What are some other timeless or enduring teaching objectives?

9/11/2018How have search engines like Google and YouTube affected education specifically to teaching?

9/4/2018Is personalized learning practical and worth pursuing for your students, or should it be limited to a focus on your own professional development?

8/28/2018If student voice is so important in education what involvement do your students have in the decisions about their own education?

8/21/2018What are the best elements of your classroom procedures and how do your students respond to them?

8/14/2018What should formative assessment look like and how can it be balanced with summative assessment over the course of a lesson?

8/7/2018How much does the culture of a school direct its staff, or how much does the staff direct the culture of the school?


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