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142011 - 962011 Archive collection

Page history last edited by Jerry Swiatek 11 years, 6 months ago

9/6/2011 - 7PM -  Is a paradigm shift taking Edu from direct inst/lecture model to a auth. lrng/mentor model, or something else?

9/6/2011 - 1800CET,12PM - Can we identify what the biggest obstacle to change in our Edu sys is or are there too many?

8/30/2011 - 7PM - With teachers coming under more scrutiny, assessment is a large issue. How can we develop a fair model for teachr evaluations?

8/30/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM -  How do we bring students into the discussion on how to improve the school environment?

8/23/2011- 7PM - What should the relationship be like between Administrators and teachers to promote positive change?

8/23/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - What effect has Social Media had in your development as an Educator? Is Social Media for every educator? 

8/9/2011 - 7PM - What specific things can we do to make our schools more collaborative learning environments?

8/9/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - How will you approach this school year to improve over last year?

8/2/2011 - 7 PM - What are specific things Administrators can do to show support for teachers?

8/2/2011 - 1800 CET, 12PM - Is there a place in education for using social media to develop a Personal Learning Network for students? 

7/26/2011 - 7PM -  What amt. of tech should be a requirement for every tchr to know? Are there any specific core applications for teachers?

7/26/2011 - 1800 CET, 12PM -  In light of #edreform what will a teacher look like & be doing 10 yrs fr now?

7/19/2011 - 7PM - What effect has Social Media had on you as an educator & how is it affecting education?

7/19/2011 - 1800 CET, 12PM - What effect has Social Media had on you as an educator, and how is it affecting education as you see it?

7/12/2011 - 7PM - Tech won't change a teacher's basic pedagogical practices. How do we promote needed change in methodology?

7/12/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - How well are kids prepared 2 deal w/research, collaboration, communication & creation of content using tech tools?

7/5/2011 - 7PM - How do we make grades a positive force in a child's education?

7/5/2011-1800 CET, 12 PM - How are the apps of mobile tech more advantageous to education than apps of desktop/laptop computers?

6/28/2011 - 7PM - What does a flipped classroom look like? Is it a sustainable model for teaching & learning?

6/28/2011 - 1800CET, 12 PM - How do we motivate administrators to be more involved in technology-based PD?

6/26/2011 - Special ISTE edition - How are education conferences to stay relevant in a free Internet- Driven PD atmosphere?

6/21/2011 - 7PM - How can teachers adapt lessons/units to let students play a larger role in their own development?

6/21/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - After omitting inspirational speakers, what are specific ways admins can give value to faculty meetings?

6/14/2011 - 7PM EDT - Which emerging technologies will have the biggest impact on K-12 education in the next five years?

6/14/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - What technology do you feel is essential to use the classroom?

6/6/2011 - 7PM EDT - How does blogging fit into the education system of the 21st Century? 

6/6/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EDT - What advantages could be gained by using criteria other than age to group kids in classes? 

5/31/2011 - 7PM EDT - How do we change the perception, promoted by many that the education system is riddled with incompetent teachers?

5/31/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EDT - What additions or changes can colleges make to better prepare teacher candidates? 

5/24/2011 - 7PM EDT - What role should Mobile Learning Devices play in today's education?

5/24/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EDT - What are the advantages or disadvantages of portfolio assessment vs standard grades?

5/17/2011 - 7PM EDT - Can Edcamps, Teachmeets, webinars, and online symposiums change the face of conventional educational professional development?

5/17/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - If we are to be more effective in reforming education, should there be a focus on content or a focus on methods?

5/10/2011 - 7PM EDT - Social Media is gaining momentum with business and media. How do we promote it in Education for students, teachers, administrators & parents?

5/10/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - How do we focus on the teaching of Critical Thinking skills in a standardized test focused curriculum?

5/3/2011 - 7PM EDT - How can specific Web 2.0 Applications make a difference in the way we teach?

5/3/2011 - 1800CET,12PM - What is the definition of an educated person and what strategies will get us to reach that goal for students?

4/26/2011 - 7PM EDT - What specific methods can schools use to involve parents in a positive way in their child's education?

4/26/2011 - 1800CET,12PM EDT - What are specific ways Administrators might create a positive culture for education in a school? 

4/19/2011 - 7PM EDT - What are the changes we can make to Professional Development to make it relevant to educators?

4/19/2011 - 1800CET,12PM EDT - Budgetary restraints are changing the face of education. What areas in education should be reassessed and reconsidered? 

4/12/2011 - 7PM EDT - If bulldozers plowed down your school building, what would you build to replace it?

4/12/2011 - 1800CET,12PM EDT - Can schools be successfully run with shared decision making policies or is the Principal as the sole decision maker the best method?

4/5/2011 - 7PM EDT -  If we agree that change in education is needed, how do we, as educators affect that change?

4/5/2011 - 1800CET,12PM EDT -  If Social Media is a professional tool for successful exchange of info & collab, how do we involve more educators?

3/29/2011 - 7PM EDT - How should students' 24/7 access to information & potential for self-learning affect how we teach?

3/29/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EDT - What are the possibilities, negative or positive, if we do blended (Internet & F2F )classes on the secondary level?

3/8/2011- 1800CET, 12PM EST - Can we align Project Based Learning to meet the expectations of Standards & High Stakes Testing?

3/1/2011 - 7PM EST - How do we give effective and meaningful feedback to students?

3/1/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EST - How can K12 & Higher Ed better work together to promote positive change in education?

2/22/2011 - 7PM EST - What are the real issues surrounding Education Reform?

2/22/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EST - Is promotion of student blogging a good way to promote writing?

2/15/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EST - How can we guarantee equitable access and use of technology to ensure tech literacy and to support meaningful learning for all students?

2/8/2011 - 7PM EST - In order to reform education, we need to change the culture. What steps do we need to take to begin the change?

2/8/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EST - How can Social Media and Mobile Learning Devices in education increase productivity?

2/1/2011 - 7PM EST -  How do we promote lifelong learning in all educators?

2/1/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EST - Edcamps & TeachMeets are becoming a movemt for prof developmt is this a viable alternative to standard PD?

1/25/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EST - What is impact on edu considering fact that many new leaders of #edreform are from business & not edu?

1/18/2011 - 7PM EST - Considering education reform today, what innovations , strategies, or methods should be added, or dropped, or maintained? 

1/18/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EST - How do we change the observation process to be a more collegial, collaborative, and positive process for change?

1/11/2011 - 7PM - What are the roadblocks stopping Teachers & Administrators from engaging in Professional Development?

1/11/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EST - In a time of cutting back everything in education for the sake of the economy, should sports and extra curricula clubs take a back seat? 

1/4/2011 - 7PM - What are specific examples of kids having control of their learning? Is there a place for this "Participatory Learning" in today's system?

1/4/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM EST - What are specific uses of Social Media in Education?


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