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9132011 - 7312012 Archive collection

Page history last edited by Jerry Swiatek 10 years, 5 months ago

7/31 - 7PM - What are your top two priorities for change in the education system that would have the most impact for moving forward and why?

7/31 - 1800CET - With technology advancement & economic considerations what are the advantages/disadvantages of doing away w/the classroom in the future?

7/24/2012 - 1800CET - Has the idea of a PLN made a significant difference for you, or is it a fad that will fade away?

7/24/2012 - 7PM - What specific things can Professional Education Organizations do to meet your needs as an educator?

7/10/2012 - 7PM - How do we teach Collection of information, Collaboration, Communication, and Creation in the setting of today's education system?

7/10/2012 - 1800CET - Are digital portfolios a realistic alternative to grades for kids? What are the advantages & disadvantages?

6/26/2012 - 7PM - What does tech enable educators to do better? Does Tech affect pedagogy?

6/26/2012 - 1800CET - What does tech enable educators to do better. Does Tech affect pedagogy?

6/19/2012 - 7PM - How do we make Dept & Faculty meetings less about info dispensing & more about meaningful education practice?

6/19/2012 - 1800CET - With Test-Making now being a $Billion industry, what can reformers do to change the status of standardized tests?

6/12/2012 - 7PM - What makes a bad PowerPoint presentation and how it hurts learning. Is it the fault of tech or teacher?

6/12/2012 - 1800CET -  Is there any truth to the theory of Digital Natives or do we really need to teach kids about digital learning?

6/5/2012 - 7PM -  If you were to prioritize things, what is the most significant challenge facing your district/school?

6/5/2012 - 1800CET - What is a connected educator? How much time should an educator spend to be connected?

5/29/2012 - 7PM - What specifically turns off students today to the most common methods of teaching?

5/29/2012 - 1800CET - What is it that makes a school culture favor or disfavor technology as a tool for learning?

5/22/2012 - 7PM - If you were to restructure/hire district leadership, what would leadership look like in action & thought?

5/22/2012 - 1800CET - If tomorrow your school was told to go all digital by September, what would need to be done to make that happen?

5/15/2012 - 7PM - Social Media is here to stay. What specific uses of social media can we employ to strengthen or reform education either as a teacher or professional?

5/15/2012 - 1800CET The application of the Flipped Classroom is very evident in math classes. How can it specifically be applied to other subject areas?

5/8/2012 - 7PM - Are we rushing into the Common Core w/o considering the sacrifice of creativity & appreciation of literature to benefit argumentation?

5/8/2012 - 1800CET - Most professional development in education is self-directed by teachers. Is that the most effective form of PD or is there a better way?

5/1/2012 - 7PM - What are your thoughts on tiered career ladders, in which teachers begin as novices & move on to become master teachers w/graduated pay?

5/1/2012 - 1800CET - When it comes to politics, do teachers have a right to take a personal position, or should they always remain neutral? How is this done?

4/24/2012 - 7PM - Is directing public education down a path of online learning in order to reduce costs a well-considered reform?

4/24/2012 - 1800CET - What are better alternatives to connecting teacher-assessment to student performance on standardized tests?

4/17/2012 - 7PM -  If it's the poverty gap that is the major force stalling improvement in the edu system, how do we address that issue?

4/17/2012 - 1800CET -  If collaboration is high on everyone's list as a needed skill; how do we work it into every aspect of our education system?

4/3/2012 - 7PM - If a school's culture has such a great effect on teachers & students, what can we do specifically to assess & improve it?

4/3/2012 - 1800CET - What should a good Administrator look like & how can we get there from here? 

3/27/2012 - 7PM - What specifics should be included in a new model for professional development for teachers?

3/27/2012 - 1800CET - What are the possibilities that open to us if we change observation model for teachers to a coaching model?

3/20/2012 - 7PM - What should the Education Software industry produce in terms of innovations to meet your needs as a teacher?

3/20/2012 - 1800CET - As an educator, what are the best Twitter strategies you have discovered that help you use Twitter as a professional tool?

3/13/2012 - 7 PM - Does banning of YouTube, Facebook, &Twitter or any sites or apps, help or hinder learning in schools?

3/13/2012 - 1800CET - What would result be if more districts made serious attempt to give classroom tchrs access to mainstream Ed Conferences?

3/6/2012 - 7PM - Are we beginning to see the decline of textbks w/development of ebooks & open sources? Is this pos. or neg.?

3/6/2012 - 1800CET - W/the need to leave comfort zones for relevant PD to take effect, should tchrs continue to control their own learning for PD?

2/28/2012 - 7PM - Considering growing need for media literacy, what can educators do to ensure that their students are media literate?

2/28/2012 - 1800CET - What specific changes have you made as an educator that are a direct result of SM involvement/being connected?

2/21/2012 - 7PM - How do teachers know when students are engaged in learning?

2/21/2012 - 1800CET - How can we encourage critical thinking about technology use in schools?

2/7/2012 - 7PM - Do the positives outweigh the negatives of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)?

2/7/2012 - 1800CET - What does your district/school do to provide relevant professional development?

1/31/2012 - 7PM - How necessary is homework for students to learn?

1/31/2012 - 1800CET - Depending on whose research we read, class size does or doesn't matter. Why does class size matter to you?

1/24/2012 - 7PM -  What can educators expect in regard to edu reform with intro of interactive digital textbooks?

1/24/2012 - 1800CET - What should a report card look like to provide information to parents?

1/17/2012 - 7PM - How do educators collaborate within a building to better their professional practice? What would make such collaboration easier/better?

1/17/2012 - 1800CET - How do we consider time differently to rebuild school schedules and calendars to maximize learning?

1/10/2012 - 7PM - What are the best methods for changing students from content consumers to content creators?

1/10/2012 - 1800CET - Which should we support first for the best result? A reform in student learning (teaching methods), or a reform in teacher learning (PD)

12/13/2011 - 7PM - What are the positives and negatives of having limited technology in schools?

12/13/2011 - 1800CET - What is the purpose of education now and going forward?

12/6/2011 - 7PM - What are the current trends that may last, compared to the fads that will fade in honest Ed Reform today?

12/6/2011 - 1800CET - What changes could be made to the present management structure of ed to make it more effective for educators?

11/22/2011 - 7PM - What is it that educators are supposed to be preparing kids for?

11/22/2011 - 1800CET - Will the idea of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) help or hinder education?

11/8/2011 - 7PM - How much should educators be allowed to determine their own professional development?

11/8/2011 - 1800CET - What are the advantages/disadvantages of edcamps/TeachMeets vs traditional PD?

11/1/2011 - 7PM - How important are school administrators? Is it possible to have good schools without administrators? What part does leadership play in student learning?

11/1/2011 - 1800CET - Is the rift often found between IT people and classroom teachers a real issue? How do we address this issue? 

10/25/2011 - 7PM - BYOD is bring your own device, referring to mobile devices.What are the positives and negatives of this as a strategy for tech in education? 

10/25/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - What are specific things we can do to involve parents in the education of their children

10/18/2011 - 7PM - What are the specific ways that students can create content for student centered learning? 

10/18/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - What forms of formative assessment do you use, and do you grade them for the overall average? 

10/11/2011  7PM - With its success in the area of Math, is the “flipped classroom” really a good option for all teaching and learning? 

10/11/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - How does giving students more control of their education affect the quality of the education? 

10/4/2011 - 7PM - If educators were to direct the focus of education reform, what should a realistic, doable, and immediate focus be? 

10/4/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - How can Educators deal with the poverty and culture gaps that have such a devastating effect on standardized test scores? 

9/27/2011 - 7PM - Many educators are calling for emphasis on teaching 21st Century skills. What are they and why should we teach them?

9/27/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - What specific things can teachers do to promote creation of content by students?

9/20/2011 - 7PM - What are the positives & negatives of one-to-one laptops in any educational setting?

9/20/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - Can educators in the 21st Century be content experts, but media illiterate & still be relevant?

9/13/2011 - 7PM - Is a school policy requiring homework in the best interest of the students? What is appropriate for a homework assignment?

9/13/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - How do the designs of classroom/learning spaces impact student learning? 



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