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8142012 - 7302013 Archive collection

Page history last edited by Jerry Swiatek 9 years, 3 months ago

7/30/2013 - 7PM Who are your education leaders/influencers and how do they affect you most in specific areas of your thinking & procedures in Education?

7/30/2013 - 1700CET - What is the real purpose of student assessment and can it be done without number or letter grades?

7/23/2013 - 7PM - If connectedness is so important to education, why haven't a majority of educators connected? How do we connect them?

7/23/2013 - 1700CET - With Common Core State Standards ready to go into place, should we now push for Standards Based Grading. Is SBG the way to go for everyone?

7/16/2013 - 7PM - Based on what you now know of Common Core, do you believe it will promote innovation and creative thinking, or stifle them?

7/16/2013 - 1700CET - How well are we preparing our students for what they will need to know after high school?

7/9/2013 - 7PM - Has Social Media and connectedness made a difference in Education? If so, how? If not, why not?

7/9/2013 - 1700CET - With #ISTE13 behind us can we now reflect here on what makes an effective presenter, or keynote, and an overall Education Conference?

7/2/2013 - 7PM - What would a successful model of professional development for educators look like?

7/2/2013 - 1700CET - Is it possible for innovation and differentiation to fit into a curriculum stressing standardization?

6/25/2013 - 7PM - Have you explored or used games for learning? What do you see as the potential benefits or pitfalls of using games for learning?

6/25/2013 - 1700CET - Is the idea of integrating curriculum an idea that still has a place in education today?

6/18/2013 - 7PM - What is it you could tell your colleagues who claim Twitter to be a frivolous sideshow for mindless interaction & little social impact?

6/18/2013 - 1700CET - What are the specific ways that Blogs play a role in education in any capacity?

6/11/2013 - 7PM - Differentiation; are teachers in your school trained, supported, and equipped to practice it adequately?

6/11/2013 - 1700CET - What is the result of educators not fully understanding the differences between summative and formative assessments?

6/4/2013 - 7PM - What should be included in a summer PD program? Anything goes!

6/4/2013 - 1700CET - What percentage of instruction should be delivered through the methods of Direct instruction and lecture?

5/28/2013 - 7PM - How important is it to teach Critical Thinking and how do we do it?

5/28/2013 - 1700CET - What is an Edcamp and what are the differences that it can make in my professional development? 

5/21/2013 - 7PM - How would allowing 20% of your week to be used for student directed learning (pursuing their interest) affect your goal in teaching?

5/21/2013 - 1600CET - Has the time come to reassess the value of worksheets and homework in a 21st century learning environment?

5/14/2013 - 7PM - Parents play a huge role in a child's education. What are the most effective ways to educate and involve parents in the process?

5/14/2013 - 1600CET - Are Social Media and the use of technology in general gaining more acceptance in your district or education in general?

5/7/2013 - 7PM - Children are anxious learners in the early grades of education. What are the factors that turn kids off to learning as they get older?

5/7/2013 - 1600CET - What is the BIG Shift in education that everyone is looking for? Is there one big idea that can positively affect education? If not why?

4/30/2013 - 7PM - School culture has positives and negatives,what specific elements of your school's culture are keepers & which should be eliminated?

4/23/2013 - 7PM - Is there a growing gap between Connected and Unconnected educators that should concern us as a system of educators?

4/23/2013 - 1600CET - Do we as educators have a responsibility to share with other educators? Are we collectively better off then we are separately?

4/16/2013 - 7PM - Why the push for technology in education? What does technology enable in education that could not be done without it?

4/16/2013 - 1600CET - If students are to have a say in their education, what is it they are to have a say about? Who could enable that to happen?

4/9/2013 - 7PM - If creation is the highest form of learning, how do we shift education from content delivery to content creation?

4/9/2013 - 1600CET -  Do educators really understand the differences & purposes of Formative vs. Summative assessments? What are they?

4/2/2013 - 7PM - Why should we consider or resist teacher evaluations being tied to students' standardized test results?

4/2/2013 - 1600CET - What are the advantages/disadvantages that connected educators have over those educators who choose not to connect?


3/19/2013 - 7PM - The Flipped Classroom, a trend or a lasting solution? What are specific positives and negatives of the Flipped Model?

3/19/2013 - 1600CET - If formative assessment is designed to gauge the effectiveness of the lesson & the teacher, should we use it in a student's grade?

3/12/2013 - 7PM - We tell students it's not about the grades it's about the learning and then base all placement and advancement on grades. How do we break the cycle?

3/12/2013 - 1600CET - Two possible directions in education might be content delivery and content creation. Which should be emphasized today?

3/5/2013 - 7PM - What are the essential qualities of leadership that teachers look for in specific administrators; Department Chairs, Principals, & Superintendents, et al.?

3/5/2013 - 1700CET - What are the real decisions left to educators about technology in education?

2/26/2013 - 7PM - What should a well-designed mentoring program for new teachers look like?

2/26/2013 - 1700CET - Do we need to continue to house students in grades according to the age of the student?

2/19/2013 - 7PM - Is creativity the next necessary literacy?

2/19/2013 - 1700CET - If innovation drives us forward, how do we address innovation in our current system of teaching and learning?

2/12/2013 - 7PM - Does Professional Development for educator's in its present form today adequately address teachers' needs and relevancy in education?

2/12/2013 - 1700CET - What are the best strategies educators should look to in order to affect change in education? 

2/5/2013 - 7PM - How do we consider time differently to rebuild school schedules & calendars to maximize learning?

2/5/2013 - 1700CET - How do we train educators to teach in programs like BYOD and 1:1?

1/29/2013 - 7PM - What are the specific ways educators use to collaborate to advance their professional development?

1/29/2013 - 1700CET - As the paddle gave way to detention is it time for detention to give way to an alternative form of discipline? What would that look like?

1/22/2013 - 7PM - More and more studies are cropping up with a negative slant on homework. Are we holding onto homework because of culture or habit or a belief in it?

1/22/2013 - 1700CET - What specific forms of collaboration do you use, and specifically how does collaboration impact your profession?

1/15/2013 - 7PM - Teacher morale & self esteem is viewed by many to be at an all-time low. What are specific ways that we can build them back up?

1/15/2013 - 1700CET - Should we build time into a busy school schedule to allow innovative thinking or pursuit of passion-based learning?

1/8/2013 - 7PM - How can we restructure school schedules to better accommodate the ability for students to learn?

1/8/2013 - 1700CET - Are textbooks worth maintaining in their current form or is it time to enable tech to change their dynamic?

12/18/2012 - 7PM - Once, the classroom was considered the place for learning. How do we define learning environment today, and how do we best utilize it?

12/18/2012 - 1800CET - Business people & politicians insist on comparing schools to business. Are business strategies applicable in learning environments?

12/11/2012 - 7PM - Teachers often say they need supportive administrators. What are the qualities and actions of a supportive Administrator?

12/11/2012 -1800CET - Let's define what a school culture is and discuss its positive and negative effects specific to your school.

12/4/2012 - 7PM - Do conventional report cards give parents true description of child's learning? If not, what would improve them?

12/4/2012 - 1800CET - What are specific things Administrators can do to support teachers on their staff?

11/27/2012 - 7PM - How should teachers deal with colleagues who are comfortable with 19th century methods and punitive measures for non-compliant students?

11/27/2012 - 1800CET What alternatives should educators be supporting to replace high stakes testing?

11/20/2012 - 7PM - How are teachers prepared for teaching with differentiated instruction & is this preparation adequate?

11/20/2012 - 1800 CET - What can administrators do to make faculty meetings a positive experience & useful contribution to education in a school?

11/13/2012 - 7PM - How is social media used professionally by you and how do we convey that to educators who see social media as a useless gimmick?

11/13/2012 - 1800CET - What should a report card look like as we move forward in time?

11/6/2012 - 7PM - If we were to list all the needs for education reform what arguments do we make for our two top reforms? What are they and why fix them first?

11/6/2012 - 1800CET - Has the acceptance and use of technology tools for learning taken significant hold in your school? In education overall?

10/30/2012 - 7PM - How do the technological tools for learning support Bloom's highest form of learning, creation?

10/30/2012 - 1800CET - Why does the unconference model of Edcamps appeal to so many teachers as a preferred method of Professional Development?

10/23/2012 - 7PM - What is the best way for technology people to approach professional development of academic subject teachers?

10/23/2012 - 1800CET - What is it that educators are supposed to be preparing kids for?

10/16/2012 - 7PM - Since kids may now learn anywhere at anytime, how does this affect the way we teach in classrooms?

10/9/2012 - 7PM - How should we prepare educators & students for a system of blended learning which seems to be a mounting trend in education?

10/9/2012 - 1800CET  - What are specific ways in which administrators can support teachers, & teachers can support administrators?

10/2/2012 - 7PM - How do we define good Digital Citizenship, and what are specific things teachers can do to support that outcome for students? 

10/2/2012 - 1800CET - What is it that educators are supposed to be preparing kids for?

9/25/2012 - 1800CET - How much of our lessons in edu are Direct Instruction or lecture and is that the best use of the methods at hand to produce thinkers?

9/25/2012 -7PM - What are the most effective ways we can promote and deliver needed Professional Development for all educators?

9/19/2012 - 7PM - What organization or individual should lead in education reform?

9/18/2012 - 1800CET - What is your opinion on the number one reason education reform is being blocked?

9/11/2012 - 7PM - If it is the poverty gap that is the major force stalling improvement in the American education system, how do we address that issue?

9/11/2012 - 1800CET - How do we involve parents in struggle for real and positive reform in childrens education?

9/4/2012 - 7PM - How has you attitude about your profession been affected by recent events and public perceptions?

8/21/2012 - 7PM - How are the professional development programs now in place working effectively? How can they specifically be improved?

8/21/2012 - 1800CET - Putting idea of empty vessel to be filled aside What role, if any, should students play in their own education?

8/14 - 7PM - What effect do blog posts, by either creating one or consuming them have on you as an educator, or as a learner?

8/14 - 1800CET - Is homework helpful and practical or just a carry over from a bygone culture of 19th & 20th century education?


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