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8-5-14 - 8-11-15

Page history last edited by Jerry Swiatek 7 years, 3 months ago

8/11/2015 - 7PM - Research has pointed out that millions of dollars are being wasted on PD in education b/c it is not meeting needs of tchrs.Your thoughts?

8/11/2015 - 1600CET - How do you deal with a colleague that you know is doing a poor job at teaching maybe even incompetent?

8/4/2015 - 7PM - What should an effective mentor program for young teachers look like?

8/4/2015 - 1600CET - If we were to remove standardized testing from the discussion, how successful is common core in your school?

7/28/2015 - 7PM - What decisions have you made about how you will do things differently in this approaching school year & what influenced those decisions?

7/28/2015 - 1600CET - Can we accurately say that digital literacy is a key component for relevance for a 21st Century educator?

7/21/2015 - 7PM -  Do faculty meetings meet the needs of the faculty? What changes could be made to give faculty meetings relevance?

7/21/2015 - 1600CET - How do we define "authentic learning" and how does it fit into a 21st Century school system?

7/14/2015 - 7PM - What apps are most useful for staying connected w/other edus for collaborative learning? How does each help collaborate?

7/7/2015 - 7PM - What changes need to be made for our education system to better support professional development for educators?

7/7/2015 - 1600CET - How do we foster more diverse voices at education conferences? 

6/30/2015 - 7PM - What is PBL and why is giving a class a project to do, not project based learning? 

6/23/2015 - 7PM - We can't predict the future, but where does your school seem to be directed to change as it moves into next few years?

6/23/2015 - 1700CET - Who are the best collegial sources in your PLN and what makes each valuable to you?

6/16/2015 - 7PM - The role of the teacher has changed through he centuries. What should the characteristics, functions & duties of a 21st Century Teacher be?

6/16/2015 - 1700CET - If you were to make only one single change in education, what would it be?

6/9/2015 - 7PM - As an educator what do Blogs or blogging have to offer me or my students?

6/2/2015 - 7PM - What is Universal Design for Learning, UDL, and as an educator is this something I need to know about?

6/2/2015 - 1700CET - Does shared decision making work in running a school? What are the benefits/drawbacks?

5/26/2015 - 7PM - Since the positive effect of HW doesn't seem to hold up to scrutiny of research why do we continue to strongly support it?

5/26/2015 - 1600CET - What is a reasonable plan for determining the PD each educator should be required to take?

5/19/2015 - 7PM - What are the alternatives to organizing and educating kids according to their age, or is that the best way to educate them?

5/19/2015 - 1600CET - What must administrators need to do in order to gain the trust and support from the teachers in their building?

5/12/2015 - 7PM - How do we shift the way professional development is delivered to more adult-centered learning?

5/12/2015 - 1600CET How do you overcome the stigma of fear when using social media and how do you encourage community buy-in?

5/5/2015 - 7PM If continuing PD is a necessity for educators to maintain relevance how do we involve educators in that process? 

5/5/2015 - 1600CET - How does education research affect what you do as an educator on a daily basis?

4/28/2015 - 7PM What are specific ways in which students can be involved in determining what they learn? Is student voice the wave of the future in education?

4/28/2015 - 1600CET If you were on a committee responsible for hiring your school's Principal, what would you look for & what ques would you ask?

4/21/2015 - 7PM What are specific ways staff meetings can be made meaningful and supportive?

4/21/2015 - 1600CET What role do leaders play in fostering environments that allow educators and students to innovate and take risks?

4/14/2015 - 7PM - How do we determine what is innovative and effective or what is junk in education? Who decides?

4/14/2015 - 1600CET - What are specific ways staff meetings can be made meaningful and supportive?

4/7/2015 - 7PM - Why are half of all new teachers leaving the profession within the first five years in the profession?

4/7/2015 - 1600CET How has the transparency of Social Media affected the education system?

3/31/2015 - 7PM - What are the best strategies to get your colleagues connected and collaborating with educators outside your district?

3/31/2015 - 1600CET - Will methods of Professional Development be better served by educators self directing their PD?

3/24/2015 - 7PM - Why does taking control of one's own professional learning matter?

3/24/2015 1600CET - If public relations is an important element for a school or district, what are best methods administrators can use?

3/17/2015 - 7PM - If reflection is so valuable a skill, how do we teach & reinforce reflection to both students and educators?

3/17/2015 - 1600CET -What are the advantages and shortcomings of education chats on Twitter?

3/10/2015 - 7PM - What are creative ways we can change scheduling of classes to meet the needs of students?

3/10/2015 - 1600CET - Beyond the needed skills we try to teach and measure in school What are the soft skills needed & how necessary are they?

3/3/2015 - 7PM - Why is personal branding so important in the digital age? How can students and educators brand themselves?

3/3/2015 - 1700CET - If helping students be better digital citizens is important, why isn't it embraced by more educators?

2/24/2015 - 7PM - What does "Future Ready" really mean?

2/24/2015 - 1700CET - What are the elements of Blogging and Social Media that would suggest that it is good educationally for Administrators, teachers and students?

2/17/2015 - 7PM - How different is online teaching from the classroom? Is this something that we should be teaching in teacher preparation programs?

2/17/2015 - 1700CET - If we stripped out standardized testing and all it has brought with it, would many educators continue their resistance to the Common Core State Standards?

2/10/2015 - 7 PM - How can we strive to eliminate the "Us vs. Them" mentality between a school's constituents; Admins, Teachers, Parents, and Students?

2/10/2015 - 1700CET - What are the specific ways that your school promotes and supports Professional Collaboration within and outside the school and district?

2/3/2015 - 7PM - If reflection is so valuable a skill, how do we teach & reinforce reflection to both students and educators?

2/3/2015 - 1700CET - Are there indicators that show us that social media and connected learning are having a positive effect on education? What are they?

1/27/2015 - 7PM - What are the built-in restraints in our system of education that prevent educators from being innovative in how they teach?

1/27/2015 - 1700CET - Who in your school determines the what and how of the professional development that is provided and are you satisfied that that method meets your needs?

1/20/2015 - 7PM - What are the components of a school's culture and how do they affect your school?

12/16.2014 - 7PM - What are the myths in education that need to be exposed to better get on with learning in the future?

12/16/2014 - 1700CET - With the new year soon arriving what are the specific changes you plan to make in 2015?

12/9/2014 - 7PM How do we get to a point in education where tech is not a separate topic but included in discussions on the process of relevant learning?

12/9/2014 - 1700CET - How can observations be more constructive than punitive for teachers & be used as more of a tool & less a mandate?

12/2/2014 - 7PM - Is there real agreement among educators as to the Goal of Education. What specifically do you believe the goal of education to be?

12/2/2014 - 1700CET - In regard to professional development what are the specific advantages of being a connected educator?

11/18/2014 - 7PM - Rigor seems to be a point of discussion with many educators. Understanding seems to vary. What's your understanding of Rigor?

11/11/2014 - 7PM - What are the most effective ways for teachers to deal with admins who are failing to effectively lead & develop their staff?

11/11/2014 - 1700CET - Has DOE been steering ed in right direction with standardization & high stakes testing? Should there be another option?

11/4/2014 - 7PM - What are the barriers to creativity and innovation in the classroom?

11/4/2014 - 1700CET - Who are the specific Thought-Leaders & Innovators in education and what have you learned from them?

10/28/2014 - 7PM - What role should blogs play in the life of an educator?

10/28/2014 - 1600CET - Is there enough time in a school year to adequately practice project based learning & still do enough test preparation?

10/21/2014 - 7PM -  If formative assessment is meant for the tchr to gauge stdnt understanding to adjust lessons, is it fair to assign a grade?

10/21/2014 - 1600CET - Should a minimum of some teaching experience be a requisite for all counseling and administrative positions in education?

10/7/2014 - 7PM - If research finds HW meaningless, especially in lower grades, why do we hang on to it with the baggage it carries?

10/7/2014 - 1600CET - What are the things that we should and we should not do in order to promote Innovation in education?

9/30/2014 - 7PM - What qualities make up a Connected Educator? How can others follow in their footsteps? Connected Ed Month-Oct #CEM14

9/30/2014 - 1600CET -  How can school leaders move from traditional admin roles to more of an instructional coach to support authentic learning?

9/23/2014 - 7PM -  If a teacher gets good test results with Direct Instruction & Lecture without technology, why should they change anything or do something else?

9/23/2014 - 1600CET - How do we get "Parents'Night" or "Back To School Night" to be more meaningful for parents?

9/16/2014 - 7PM - If collaboration is more effective for learning than direct instruction or lecture, what are its benefits and its drawbacks?

9/16/2014 - 1600CET - As a learner how do you learn best? What methodologies serve you best? What environment works best? When do you best learn?

9/9/2014 - 7PM - If we were to redo the classroom of today, what would it look like?

9/9/2014 - 1600CET - After obtaining a degree, a license, and a job, how are teachers expected to maintain their relevance in a rapidly changing society?

9/2/2014 - 7PM - How could we assess Common Core if we did away with high stakes testing or is one inseparable from the other?

9/2/2014 - 1600CET - If research tells us homework has a negligible effect on learning, why do so many parents judge a teacher by amt of HW given?

8/19/2014 - 7PM - How can teachers of one ethnicity adequately and effectively educate kids of other ethnicities to survive and thrive?

8/19/2014 - 1600CET - Are teachers adequately prepared to deal with the varied cultures in a diverse population? Please join us.

8/12/2014 - 7PM - What are your 2 specific top priorities that you would put in place today for education reform?

8/12/2014 - 1600CET - When it comes to learning space, is it time to reconsider rows? What would replace them?

8/5/2014 - 7PM - What can we do as teachers to foster parent engagement?

8/5/2014 - 1600CET - How has participating in social media affected your teaching and how has it affected your students' learning?



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